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Trial - SchH1-3, IPO1-3, BH, AD, FH
April 30th - May 2nd, 2010

SVF Bruno Kastelic

Bruno Kastelic-Sakoparnig was born on March 21, 1956 in Villach, south Austria. Since 1975 he has been a police officer in Salzburg.

In 1982 Bruno became involved in the dog sport. His first dog was Yarro vom Aschingerwinkel. With his second dog, Eiko vom Goldenen Markti, he achieved 100 SchH titles. He was on the top of the National tournaments and National Team.

Bruno's love is tracking. For the last 15 years he was a tracklayer at all the biggest National and Regional events.

For the last 5 years Bruno has been a judge. He was judging FH National Championship, one qualifier for FH National CH and National Championship as well. In the year 2007 Bruno became an international judge and an SV judge.

Congratulation to our club members on new titles:

Mark & Wizard
Alissa & Portia
Ivana & Lolita
High SchH3, High in Trial, High OB & Protection
picture taken by Lesya Zaichenko   picture taken by Jose Franco


Handler Dog Name Title A B C Points Rating Sex Breed
Judith A. Maurer Conan do Zarzallo BH Passed M D
mark chase wizard v okeler forst BH Passed M Boxer
Ron Mattana Quai vom Osterfeld BH Passed M GSD
Ike Iacovino Zetta Von Swift Run BH Passed F D
Kristen Boentgen Nash BH Passed M MIX
Suzanne Bunny Boldogs General Burkhalter BH Passed M APBT
Gary E. Foley Earp Black Creek Valley FH 94 94 SG M GSD
Tracy Stowers Ace vom Rheinland FH 90 90 SG M GSD
Gary E Foley Freida v h Bachfeld FH 83 83 G F GSD
Brigitte Franco Eva Von Starke Pfoten OB1 88 88 G F GSD
Michele Lubbe Iganz vom Ortenberg SchH2 80 84 94 258 G M GSD
Bogdan Sergo Jasper von Waldhimmel SchH2 93 71 83 247 G M GSD
Alissa Weaver DRU's Portia d'Aurelia SchH2 82 82 82 246 G F D
Ivana Karlsen Lolita vom Haus Kiewel SchH3 84 94 95 273 SG F GSD
Pia Blackwell Ukon vom Rheinland SchH3 91 85 92 268 G M GSD
John Donnelly Basko Vom Maechtigen Turm SchH3 - M GSD
Judith A. Maurer Conan do Zarzallo SK M D
Gary E Foley Freyr v.h. Basjes Huis TR2 93 93 SG M GSD
Jules Seigel Gemma von Empire Zwinger TR2 45 45 M F GSD
Ron Mattana Olex vom Osterfeld TR3 35 35 M M GSD

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