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Trial -  IPO1-3, BH, FH, OB1-3, TR1-3, IPO-VO

May 29th - 31st, 2015

SV Ernst Riegl



Another trial in the books. What a great weekend for our dog club! Marty and Inigo completed IPO1 with 98-95-96 289V and took home most of the trophies. Gary and Hexel achieved very nice 272 (SG) score for IPO2. Ivana completed 2 BH titles with Jezebel and Jekyll. Our junior handler Adela (11 years old) got another V tracking score (97) with Emily and handled Jezebel for AD. Pictures can be found at http://smu.gs/1Qp1YBe

Marty and Inigo, HIT, Hight IPO1, High OB, High Protection

Gary and Hexel, IPO2

Ivana, Jekyl and Jezebel, BH

Adela and Emily, TR2, Adela and Jezebel, BH


Handler Dog Name Title A B C Points Rating Sex Breed DateShownOn
Tom Simpson Major Hans Vom Haus Velten AD Passed M GSD 5/31/2015
Adela Karlsen Jezebel vom Rebel Yelle AD Passed F GSD 5/31/2015
Karen Hayes Rott Irons Avril v Quintessential BH Passed F R 5/30/2015
Kristen Ashton Von RagusThe Dragon Ryder BH Passed M D 5/30/2015
Preston Costa Bravo da Alianca Mineira BH Passed M GSD 5/30/2015
Nichole Rich Vicky vom kleinen Teich BH Passed F GSD 5/30/2015
Ivana Karlsen Jekyll vom Rebel Yelle BH Passed M GSD 5/30/2015
Tom DeNapoli Wache von Elberfeld BH Passed M GSCN 5/30/2015
Sean Hurd Argo Alte Ahnen Vom Hayes Haus BH Passed M GSD 5/30/2015
Ivana Karlsen Jezebel vom Rebel Yelle BH Passed F GSD 5/30/2015
Martin Barrow Inigo von den Wannaer Hohen IPO1 98 95 96 289 V M GSD 5/30/2015
T Floyd Jax Haus Juris IPO1 97 88 95 280 SG M GSD 5/31/2015
T Floyd Pala vom Eichenluft IPO1 99 90 91 280 SG F GSD 5/31/2015
Bogdan Sergo Mrha van Crijnderthof IPO2 96 94 91 281 SG M GSD 5/29/2015
Gary E. Foley Hexel vom haus Salztalblick IPO2 89 90 93 272 SG F GSD 5/30/2015
T Floyd Pike vom Eichenluft IPO3 99 93 93 285 SG M GSD 5/31/2015
Christine L. Gaumont, DVM Quicke vom kleinen Teich IPO3 97 85 91 273 SG F GSD 5/31/2015
Kelly A Horgan Hilda vom Floyd Haus IPO3 95 90 82 267 G F GSD 5/31/2015
BILL MULLEN Aengus vom haus Rote Lilie IPO3 94 90 82 266 G M GSD 5/30/2015
Michael Baranowski Petra vom Rheinland IPO3 82 85 87 254 G F GSD 5/30/2015
Christine L. Gaumont, DVM Pike vom Kleinen Teich IPO3 81 52 86 M M GSD 5/31/2015
Elena Black Ruckus vom Rheinland OB1 55 M M GSD 5/29/2015
Adela Karlsen Emily vom Rebel Yelle TR2 97 97 V F GSD 5/30/2015
Monique M Coté Aoife Von Haus Rote Lilie TR3 38 M F GSD 5/30/2015

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