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Trial - IGP 1-3, GPR 1-3, FPr 1-3 (TR 1-3), UPr 1-3 (OB 1-3), FH-V, IFH, IFH2, IGP FH, AD, BH VT 
Jun 07, 2018 - Jun 09, 2019
SV Guenther Muellegger

About Guenther

 Guenther has been working with dogs (German Shepherd dogs) for over 30 years and is a member of  German Shepherd Dog club in Austria. He trained 4 dogs to the highest level of SchH3.He is still active in dog sport. He's been a judge since 1993 and now he is the president of helper and judges commitees in Austria. He judged obedience at  WUSV in 2009. For 11 years he's been the team captain of the Austria team.

Entry Form


Handler Dog Name Title A B C Points Rating Sex Breed DateShownOn
Marc Palumbo Brimwylf Enzo AD Passed M GSD 2019-05-07
Lynda Brogden-Burns Alta-Tollhaus O'Connor BH-VT Passed M GSD 2019-05-08
Christine L. Gaumont, DVM Xtra kleinen Teich BH-VT Passed F GSD 2019-05-09
Nancy Stock Nalluh vom Olgameister BH-VT Passed M GSD 2019-05-08
Lori Minardi Agir Rapax Bohemia BH-VT Passed M GSD 2019-05-08
Alison Rataj Winter vom Bar Berg BH-VT Passed F GSD 2019-05-08
Linda Boyes Khaos Vom Lange Teich BH-VT Passed M GSD 2019-05-08
Michelle Testa Rhea vom Hund der Ehre IFH2 90 90 SG F GSCN 2019-05-08
Rhonda J Greenwood Bianka Vom Zoni Haus IGP1 96 70 96 262 G F GSD 2019-05-09
Georgiy Smilyanski Brava av Garm Haus IGP1 88 88 84 260 G F GSD 2019-05-09
Christine L. Gaumont, DVM Xcel vom kleinenTeich IGP1 DQ M GSD 2019-05-09
Alfred C Weber Egon Cherrob v Werberhaus IGP2 99 90 90 279 SG M GSD 2019-05-08
Daniela Bedenice Apollo vom Perlen-Haus IGP2 92 87 97 276 SG M GSD 2019-05-09
Don Yelle Jekyll vom Rebel Yelle IGP3 100 80 96 276 SG M GSD 2019-05-08
Daniela Bedenice Ikon vom Mack-Zwinger IGP3 93 90 90 273 SG M GSD 2019-05-09

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