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Trial - IPO1-3, IPO-VO, BH, BH-VT, TR1-3, OB1-3, AD, FH
Jun 15, 2018 - Jun 17, 2018
SV Guenther Muellegger

About Guenther

 Guenther has been working with dogs (German Shepherd dogs) for over 30 years and is a member of  German Shepherd Dog club in Austria. He trained 4 dogs to the highest level of SchH3.He is still active in dog sport. He's been a judge since 1993 and now he is the president of helper and judges commitees in Austria. He judged obedience at  WUSV in 2009. For 11 years he's been the team captain of the Austria team.

Entry Form


Handler Dog Name Title A B C Points Rating Sex Breed DateShownOn
T Floyd Demi Malabig AD Passed F GSD 6/15/2018
Adela Karlsen Ella von der Urbecke AD Passed F GSD 6/15/2018
Tricia Bennett Arno von Dutch Furstenhaus BH Passed M GSD 6/17/2018
Joshua Silva Kiya BH Passed F MIX 6/16/2018
Ashley Pierce Jabina Creleo BH Passed F GSD 6/17/2018
Cathie Soter Maxima von Shambala BH Passed F R 6/17/2018
Tim Madsen Rainbow Z Jirkova dvora BH Passed M GSD 6/16/2018
Martin Barrow Brimwylf Calamity Jane FH 95 95 SG F GSD 6/17/2018
Tom DeNapoli Tito von Elberfeld IPO1 93 90 97 280 SG M GSCN 6/16/2018
Louise Jollyman Brimwylf-Double-O-Seven IPO1 100 80 94 274 SG M GSD 6/16/2018
Juan-Carlos Correia Inga vom gillrather traum IPO1 96 88 90 274 SG F GSD 6/16/2018
Christine L. Gaumont, DVM Xcel vom kleinenTeich IPO1 DQ M GSD 6/16/2018
Joss Moroney Caleb vom Evolution IPO1 72 45 80 M M GSD 6/16/2018
T Floyd Demi Malabig IPO2 96 88 98 282 SG F GSD 6/16/2018
MARGARET EVERY Urijah vox Meinerz IPO2 90 70 81 241 G M GSD 6/16/2018
Don Yelle Jekyll vom Rebel Yelle IPO3 96 83 98 277 SG M GSD 6/16/2018
Gary E Foley Hexel vom haus Salztalblick IPO3 87 86 97 270 SG F GSD 6/16/2018
Ron Mattana Quito vom Haus Endrikat TR2 99 99 V M GSD 6/16/2018

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