Quinebaug Schutzhund Club
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Trial -  IPO1-3, BH, FH, OB1-3, TR1-3, IPO-VO

August 27th , 2016

SV Ludger Vortkamp

Contratultions to our club members:

Gary and Hexel took home most of the metal, High IPO3,
High in Trial, High Tracking, Obedience and Protection

Ivana and Jekyll, Hight IPO1

Audra and Jesse James, AD and BH

Our Junior Handler Adela, AD with Jesse James and TR3 with Emily

Special thanks to our helper, Garrett Pape


Handler Dog Name Title A B C Points Rating Sex Breed DateShownOn
Lynn Carney Bruno Von Thunder Struck AD Passed M GSD 6/19/2016
Cathleen D. Lemay Bizzy Vom Flussblick AD Passed F GSD 6/19/2016
Adela Karlsen Jesse James vom Rebel Yelle AD Passed M GSD 6/19/2016
Garrett Pape Ice von Lahman BH Passed M MAL
SandraBogus Walker vom kleinen Teich BH Failed M GSD 6/19/2016
Christine L. Gaumont Vance vom kleinen Teich BH Passed M GSD 6/19/2016
Audra Arel Jesse James vom Rebel Yelle BH Passed M GSD 6/18/2016
Ivana Karlsen Jekyll vom Rebel Yelle IPO1 72 88 92 252 G M GSD 6/18/2016
Kelly Schmidbauer Dillan vom Eichen Antrieb IPO2 93 84 94 271 SG F GSD 6/18/2016
Gary E Foley Hexel vom haus Salztalblick IPO3 93 93 95 281 SG M GSD 6/18/2016
Dale Christianson Pyro Vom Eichenluft TR1 96 96 V M GSD 6/18/2016
Adela Karlsen Emily vom Rebel Yelle TR3 88 88 G F GSD 6/18/2016

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