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Trial - IGP 1-3, GPR 1-3, FPr 1-3 (TR 1-3), UPr 1-3 (OB 1-3), FH-V, IFH, IFH2, IGP FH, AD, BH VT 

October 4 - 5, 2019

SV Edgar Pertl

Edgar has been a member of SV since 1969 and a member of SVO for more then 40 years. He is SV and SVO trial judge, conformation judge and Koermester. In his professional carrier, he is elementary school teacher, he owns a boarding kennel, he is married to Christa and has 2 grown up children.
 Edgar's father started breeding German Shepherd in 1968 under "vom haus Willerau" kennel name. Edgar took over the kennel in mid nineties. He has bread over 30 liters since. His aim is to breed healthy, anatomically correct dogs and preserve the workability of GSD. He trains and titles his own dogs. 
Since 2018, Edgar is SVO National Breed Warden. His club. OG Oberwart, hosted this year's Sieger Show and WUSV selection trial. 


QSC field



Prince Hill Park

95 Prince Hill Rd, Brooklyn, CT


Dinner on Saturday

Classic Pizza

597 Providence Rd, Brooklyn, CT 06234


Schedule - TBD






Handler Dog Name Title A B C Points Rating Sex Breed DateShownOn
Carrianne Worlund Nether vom Rebel Yelle AD M GSD
Sarah Koller Indigo von der beizjadg BH F GSD
Goshorn Jr Gregory Elissia von den Baren BH F GSD
Susan Milne Griffin vom Bar Berg BH M GSD
Carrianne Worlund Nether vom Rebel Yelle BH M GSD
Carrianne Worlund Nether vom Rebel Yelle BH M GSD
Gary E Foley Fenris von Gawall IGP1 M GSD
Tammy Goshorn Frodo vom Fuchsbachtal IGP1 M GSD
David Caruso Kilo IGP1 M MIX
Laurie Coppola Jaxson von der Rennbahn IGP1 M GSD
Christine L. Gaumont, DVM Xcel vom kleinen Teich IGP1 M GSD
Greg Goshorn Janet von der Kocaeli IGP1 F GSD
Gary E Foley Hexel vom Haus Salztalblick IGP3 F GSD
Laurie Coppola Hero von der Rennbahn IGP3 M GSD

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