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Trial - IPO1-3, IPO-VO, BH, BH-VT, TR1-3, OB1-3, AD, FH
October 8th - 9th, 2016

SV Guenther Muellegger

About Guenther

 Guenther has been working with dogs (German Shepherd dogs) for over 30 years and is a member of  German Shepherd Dog club in Austria. He trained 4 dogs to the highest level of SchH3.He is still active in dog sport. He's been a judge since 1993 and now he is the president of helper and judges commitees in Austria. He judged obedience at  WUSV in 2009. For 11 years he's been the team captain of the Austria team.

Congratulations to our club members

Ivana and Jekyll, High In Trial, High IPO2, Tracking, Protection

Gary and Hexel, yet another IPO3

Ivana and Jezebel, High IPO1

Gary and Fenris, BH


Handler Dog Name Title A B C Points Rating Sex Breed DateShownOn
Dale Christianson Pyro Vom Eichenluft AD Passed M GSD 10/7/2016
Joe McCallister Orkan vom Grunwald Haus AD Passed M GSD 10/7/2016
Mike Andrel TIger vom Haus Dexel BH Passed M GSD 10/8/2016
Gary E Foley Fenris von Gawall BH Passed M GSD 10/8/2016
Robert Rosen Falcon Vom Rebel Yelle BH Passed M GSD 10/8/2016
Michael Bortnick Rocky BH Passed M MIX 10/8/2016
Gregory Deschenes Sig v Haus Safko BH Passed M GSD 10/9/2016
Nancy Bradley A Ruckus vom Noble Craft FH 7 7 M M GSD 10/9/2016
Ivana Karlsen Jezebel vom Rebel Yelle IPO1 77 83 91 251 G F GSD 10/8/2016
Christine L. Gaumont Vance vom kleinen Teich IPO1 92 70 85 247 G M GSD 10/8/2016
Carol Foulds Viggo vom Haus Barrett IPO1 87 70 81 238 B M GSD 10/8/2016
Nichole Rich Vicky vom kleinen Teich IPO1 70 71 80 221 B F GSD 10/8/2016
Ivana Karlsen Jekyll vom Rebel Yelle IPO2 94 90 96 280 SG M GSD 10/9/2016
Michael Pierce Bastill vom Rebel Yelle IPO2 92 73 82 247 G M GSD 10/9/2016
Jackie Thompson Cayenne Rose IPO2 94 71 75 240 G F D 10/8/2016
Gary E Foley Hexel vom haus Salztalblick IPO3 80 91 95 266 G F GSD 10/8/2016
Mike Andrel Ruger vom Hohlen Huegel IPO3 88 75 0 M M GSD 10/8/2016
Dale Christianson Pyro Vom Eichenluft IPO-VO 91 78 87 256 G M GSD 10/8/2016
David Gregoire Trinitys Somewhere Over The Rainbow TR1 89 89 G F D 10/8/2016
Elena Black Ruckus vom Rheinland TR1 70 70 B M GSD 10/8/2016

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