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Trial - SchH1-3, IPO1-3, BH, AD
October 8th- 10th, 2010

SV Heinz Kruse


Heinz has been and SV judge since 1999. He has a breeding kennel called von der kalten Hardt. Heinz has previously judge in clubs in our region and we have always appretiated his knowledge, his warm personality and fair judging. We are very pleased that he accepted our invitation to judge our trial

WT metall


Handler Dog Name Title A B C Points Rating Sex Breed
Ashley Pierce Osthugelland's Lida vom Konigsdorf AD Passed F GSD
Robert E. Hunt Elute v.d. Suderholmer Strasse AD Passed M GSD
Marjorie Waldman Lilli vom Hunxer Wald AD Passed F GSD
Karen kMacIntyre Nessie vom Patiala AD Passed F GSD
T. Floyd Bella Carrabba BH Passed F R
Andy Deitz Hawken Xazziam BH Passed M GSD
Tammy Cohen Gento Di Migliore BH Passed M GSD
Joss Moroney Bree von der Mohnblume BH Passed F GSD
Marjorie Waldman Lilli vom Hunxer Wald BH Passed F GSD
Gail Cappadona Etsuko vom Grimorkie BH Passed F GSD
Jules Seigel Gemma vom Empire Zwinger OB1 78 78 B F GSD
Pia m. Blackwell Evan vom Rheinland SchH1 99 94 94 287 V M GSD
Wayne Cole Gator vom Rheinland SchH1 94 86 97 277 SG M GSD
Rebecca Kennedy Jolly vom Konigsberg SchH1 71 72 82 225 B F GSD
Karen MacIntyre Nessie vom Patiala SchH1 71 62 88 M F GSD
Gail Cappadona Dahra vom Grimorkie SchH1 51 93 M F GSD
Marge Proia Rott Iron Stock Trader SchH1 57 46 84 M M R
Claudia Romard Clip van Gogh SchH2 99 93 93 285 SG M GSD
Gary E. Foley Freyr van het Basjes Huis SchH2 97 87 88 272 SG M GSD
T. Floyd Hulda vom Polarkreis SchH2 72 94 85 251 G F GSD
Gary E. Foley Earp Black Creek Valley SchH3 93 97 93 283 SG M GSD
meridith Vallillo Orion Sadekie Gory SchH3 92 93 94 279 SG M GSD
Bogdan Sergo Nandro v.h. Hutfeld SchH3 98 78 81 257 G M GSD
Alissa Weaver DRU's Portia d'Aurelia SchH3 2 94 85 M F D
Jo Ann Campbell Carlie Vom Haus Roemer TR2 96 96 V F GSD
Jules Seigel Gemma vom Empire Zwinger TR2 3 M F GSD


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